Vases & Bowls

Columbia Emerald Footed Vase Columbia Emerald Footed Vase
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Columbia Emerald Footed Vase
Regular price $325.00
Rory Ceramic Face Vase Rory Ceramic Face Vase
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Rory Ceramic Face Vase
Regular price $12.95
Mandera Bud Vases, Set Of 2 Mandera Bud Vases, Set Of 2
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Mandera Bud Vases, Set Of 2
Regular price $37.50
City Vase
From $40.00
Dottie Bottle Vase Small Dottie Bottle Vase Small
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Dottie Bottle Vase Small
Regular price $44.00
Occhio Vase
Regular price $87.00
Outback bowl flat Outback bowl flat
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Outback bowl flat
Regular price $88.00
Sun Vase Sun Vase
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Sun Vase
Regular price $90.00
Figueroa Lidded Jar 14.25" Figueroa Lidded Jar 14.25"
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Figueroa Lidded Jar 14.25"
Regular price $95.00
Meda Vase Meda Vase
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Meda Vase
Regular price $104.00
Penelope Vase Penelope Vase
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Penelope Vase
Regular price $110.00
Dottie Urn Dottie Urn
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Dottie Urn
Regular price $112.50
Feather Vase Set of 2 Feather Vase Set of 2
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Feather Vase Set of 2
Regular price $136.00
Sebastian Mango Wood Bowl Sebastian Mango Wood Bowl
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Sebastian Mango Wood Bowl
Regular price $144.00
Thera Bowl Thera Bowl
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Thera Bowl
Regular price $160.00
Ming Planter Ming Planter
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Ming Planter
Regular price $225.00
Nallan Vase
From $235.00
Jerra Bowl Jerra Bowl
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Jerra Bowl
Regular price $240.00
Hamlin Bowl Hamlin Bowl
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Hamlin Bowl
Regular price $270.00