KRI is bringing Carefully Curated Art to our online Store. Art curation has been a long standing service for our Interior Design clients. Our KRI Home Store location holds “Meet the Artist” events and always has a fresh art display up for visitors.

Please pay close attention to the Original Art Section online.

Everything is Energy. Original Art and collaborations with artists are a special element to introduce into a space.

Our brains and bodies are always interpreting the world around us.

Being surrounded by the right objects is essential to creating a cohesive ecosystem and intentionally setting the energy for that space. Art is a valuable tool to help in that process. The way in which we interpret and receive information is formed through our personal filters. Therefore, which art to select is unique to each individual.

The energy that the artist infuses into a piece and the intention expressed when creating is carried with that art and into the home of the new owner.

Kimberly is absolutely passionate about knowing the energy and intention of the artist and how they create art. Matching art and an artist to a project is a fine tuned skillset. Art Curation is available through our design services, in our physical location and now offered to you online through our Carefully Created Art Collection


Carefully Created Art Collection