The warmth of my art comes from the many layers of organic textures such as earth pigments,resins, ash and beeswax that are artfully embedded within each piece. As I lay down each layer I am in deep conversation with the spirit of place, the ancestral bones that lay in the ground beneath my own feet and my own ancestors that dwell within. As I paint I am praying and singing for healing -- for the earth and humanity-- for the places where our lives are mixed and mingled.

In these times, I find myself exploring the concepts of time, stored memory, and the way they influence and shape our personal and collective narratives.

Gemma B. Benton is a mixed media, cold wax and oil artist who specializes in creating textured art with what may be described as an wabi-sabi aesthetic. Gemma's art is deeply honoring of her indigenous heritage and a call for the viewer to find themselves in relationship with the seasons and cycles of time, with nature, ourselves and each other. Gemma is a traditional Native American singer, community activist and workshop leader. She is Menominee and Filipino and lives in the Sacramento area.

Exhibitions include the Crocker Art Museum, Granucci Gallery and Harris Center.


4500 19th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114