What is it and
How does it work?

Most of us are downsizing and Decluttering…
We want quality… not quantity. 

Kimberly Reyes Interiors helps couples create an
Energetic Blueprint of their life and love together…
and that is just the beginning…

What's Next?

Let us craft an Energetic Blueprint to Design an interior or exterior space that beautifully blends your lives together in ONE unique space; that represents the two of you, your love, your life and your relationship…

YOU’RE ENGAGED! How exciting!

Dreaming BIG.
Looking at making plans
for your memorable day.
Dreaming into your future.

Then it’s time for the wedding registry… You both have homes, established households… and really don’t want more “stuff”.

You do want to blend and create a unique HOME to suit your blended life and to celebrate your love and relationship…

Sound familiar?

We have worked with couples across North America to create and Design spaces that will do just that!

Ask Yourselves

How do you spend your
time together?
What is special and unique
to You?

Dining Rooms to share meals with friends and family
Kitchens: Is cooking together your thing?
Decks… New hot tub… with a little champagne toast to christen the Outdoor entertaining spaces…

Let’s dive in and do a New Design Energetically™
mapped out to blend your lives together.

Not really sure where to start?