Holistic Design: Your Energetic Blueprint™ can help you Create work life Balance.

Holistic Design:   Your Energetic Blueprint™ can help you Create work life Balance.


The American Psychological Association reports an uptick in Anxiety and depression during the last few years; with psychologists and industry professional unavailable or burnt out.
So many of us are going back to the workplace. The truth is that it has not been easy to navigate. We can’t ignore it and there are things that we can do to create a healthy home AND a more welcoming workplace to support our mental and physical health.


Case Study: Client MD. 

KRI was hired to design and help remodel the home of a Gynecologist who had transitioned into a Holistic Medicine practice. She is lovely and we feel blessed to work with her and her family. 

Our process is clear. We have a wide breadth of disciplines that we tap into to assess the Energetic Blueprint™ of a space. Then we create a grand plan with designs and material choices to support the design and Energetic Blueprint™ of the people and the space. Each piece of the design is part of a puzzle that supports another. 

As we got to the decision making and purchasing part of the project, my client froze. Absolute paralysis regarding moving forward and decision making. We counseled her and held a safe space for her to move through the process. Change is hard. Trust can be difficult and the chaos of demolition and construction is overwhelming. We understand. But, we are solid and steadfast. 

The doctor made an appointment to meet in our studio. We sat and she started to tell us about her medical journey. She had been a gynecologist her entire life. It wasn’t until late in life that she went back to school to embark on her Holistic Medicine journey. There were tears and conversations about learning that she had only looked at and treated the symptoms of her patients for many years. She said, “I never looked at the whole person. One treatment only led to additional problems: problems that could have been prevented had I treated the whole person.” She shared the beauty of her experiences as a Holistic Medical Doctor and the differences that she is making in her patients' lives.

Although she had transitioned into a holistic approach in her professional life, she was not living in alignment and approaching her home with the same emphasis.

She acknowledged that the way that Kimberly talks about the environment of a space is the same way in which she talks about the person as a whole.  It was at that point that we were able to transition and get movement in the project.

Each environment that you spend time in should be supporting your mental and physical well being. Why does it matter?

⅓ time spent at work or school

⅓ time spent sleeping or trying to get to sleep

⅓ time spent between activities, at home and out and about. 

Addressing one without looking at the other area in your life is just addressing a symptom instead of the holistic approach to improving your overall wellbeing. 


One thing that you can do today? 

Is there one thing that lights you up and automatically brings you JOY when you think about it?  STOP. Anchor that image in your mind.

Did you imagine a grandmother: her smell, feel of her home, something cooking, a chair that she sat in… the texture or color of her clothing… some image that popped into your mind.

Is a representation of that memory missing from your life or environment? That is one example of an ancestral element that many of us have stripped from our lives. It only takes the tiniest element to trigger the emotional anchor that you imagined above. A texture, a smell, a trinket, a color, a piece of furniture; updated but representative can be enough to tap into your DNA and unconsciously elicit the Joy that has been removed. 

We have worked so hard to strip away elements in our spaces with slick computers and void surfaces. We really need to add elements back in, based on our Energetic Blueprint™, to create a homeostasis in our environments that feeds our souls. 

What are you missing? It doesn’t have to be much, just a tiny element to spark a trigger. 

KRI has been diligently working with Corporate clients to identify and design spaces that are welcoming to employees and crafting supportive corporate environments for better health and productivity. In conjunction; we have been working with individuals and their families to create a holistic approach to moving forward with supportive homes that heal. 

As a team that focuses on Neuroscience and environmental psychology, we are passionate about helping clients create healthier environments and improving people’s well-being. 

We would love to discuss how we can help you create a holistic approach to designing an environment that heals and supports you personally and professionally. You can also follow along as we Blog about all of the elements that go into our approach and the disciplines involved.