The Ultimate Home Makeover: Creating a Sanctuary for Your Mind and Body

The Ultimate Home Makeover: Creating a Sanctuary for Your Mind and Body

Kimberly Reyes Interiors is Passionate about designing Homes that Heal

In an era marked by unrelenting external stress, turning our homes into sanctuaries of peace and well-being is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity.  Yet, how can someone transform their home into a space that is more than somewhere to escape, but is a proactive, nurturing and healing environment for continued mental and physical wellness? It turns out, the answer lies at the fascinating intersection of neuroscience, interior design, architecture, art, and nature. 


The Brainy Side of Home Design

Neuroaesthetics: Science meets Design, which explains the way in which we assimilate beauty in our environment.  The combination has a profound effect on the nervous system. Our brains are constantly processing cues from our environment, influencing our emotions and stress levels. For instance, certain colors, textures, patterns, and layouts can soothe the mind, creating an organized sense of calm, while clutter, misaligned space plans and improper lighting do the opposite. By leveraging neuroaesthetics, we can create spaces that not only look good but unconsciously feel good too. There is a science to creating a happy, healthy home. 


Why is it important to create a healthy home?

We are less likely to be depressed. Our children are more well adjusted. Our relationships are better. Connection and intimacy are fostered. It is easier to share a space with someone that is working from home. The people that live in the home are mentally and physically happier, more productive and healthier. We FEEL safe, nourished and supported. We stop going home to survive. Now we are nurtured by an ecosystem where we are allowed to thrive. That is only the short list…

The last several years have only added to the already difficult task of moving through the world and learning to make space for self-care. Historically, we take care of everyone else, only leaving home in search of self-care and healing. When we do this we are only treating the symptom and the relief is only temporary: instead of solving the problem. 

The issue has been Exacerbated and is now of paramount importance. Spring 2024! Let’s commit to shifting the energy in our homes to support our lives and families moving forward!

Your Home, Your Haven

Turning your home into an ecosystem that supports your health and well-being holistically is about more than just picking the right furniture or paint color. It isn’t about maximalism or minimalism. It’s about understanding the science behind how our environments affect us individually and using that knowledge to create spaces that not only look beautiful but function as intended by the design. It is about being fully supported by your environment without knowing or having to think about the elements that have been intentionally chosen for you and your family. Clients often comment on being able to breathe easier, being more comfortable in their space, movement is easier, more spaces in the home are utilized, relationships and communication are improved while self care is automated and constant. There are many layers that add to the holistic design.


What do you do Today?

In the stillness of the day. pause and pay attention to your body. How do you feel in your space? Is there an uneasiness? Do you use every room in the house? Is there a constant milling about and no one seems to land and rest? Do you find moments to connect and communicate with your family and friends? Is it restful or rejuvenating? Now may be the time to jump in and intentionally shift the energy in your home. Join the conversation and receive tips and insights in our monthly!

In the gentle art of creating homes that heal, we embrace the profound insights of neuroaesthetics, intertwining science and intuition to design spaces that resonate deeply with our clients. Our homes can be powerful allies in our quest for mental and physical health, offering solace, inspiration, and a solid foundation.

Making the time and resources a priority to create a healthy home is an act of love and intention, a gift that we give ourselves and those we share our lives with. In this loving endeavor, we find not just the beauty of design but the transformative power of spaces that heal, nurture, and inspire us daily.


Transform Your Home with Kimberly Reyes Interiors

Kimberly Reyes Interiors has been doing this work and has been a thought leader in the area of Environmental Psychology and Neuroaesthetics for more than 25 years. Our team takes great care in Designing Homes that Heal . Please reach out. We would love to chat with you about your project.