Latest Interview with Kimberly Reyes for Atherton Living

Latest Interview with Kimberly Reyes for Atherton Living <br>

Business Profile: 

Kimberly Reyes Interiors

By Abbie Burgess

For her entire life, Kimberly Reyes has had an inner fire and passion to design. “I envisioned, created and designed products and spaces from early childhood,” she says. “I taught myself various crafts to produce my concepts; from teaching myself to sew at the age of eight, building furniture, painting murals and sewing all of the soft-goods in my designs.”

In fourth grade, she first heard the term interior design. Growing up in a rural area, 4-H was the club of choice. Having no desire to raise animals, she chose to focus on the one 4-H subject that sounded interesting: Introduction to Interior Design. 

“I was designing and creating and being paid for my work before graduating high school. I always thought it was a passion and a hobby. I never considered it as a profession.” 

She went on to study psychology, neuropsychology, business and interior design. “I was involved in groundbreaking research in college associated with science, the environment and how humans interact with their space. I was hooked. Three bachelor's degrees later and all of my passions have melded into what I do and have done with my career over the last 30 years.” That career is being CEO and Principal Interior Designer of Kimberly Reyes Interiors. 

Kimberly’s work goes far beyond the aesthetics of a space. As an intuitive, a healer, and with a background in environmental psychology, she focuses on the human experience and the family or individual’s mental and physical well-being. “Our goal is to design and implement elements that will create an ecosystem that will nurture, have health benefits and foster relationships,” she says. “I focus on how I want my clients to feel and how I want their lives to be supported by the system that we have created long after we are gone.”

She is especially excited to take on residential projects where a client is in transition and ready to make big shifts and changes. “It doesn’t mean tossing everything to the wayside and starting over. It is about adding, subtracting and updating to create a cohesive ecosystem that energetically supports the client. We work as client representatives and take care of all of the details from conception to completion.” 

Intuitive By Design

One of Kimberly’s business offerings is Intuitive By Design services. I work as an intuitive and I work as an interior designer: individually or together. One does not require the other. It is magical when both are incorporated into the design process and my services are engaged as a whole,” she says. “It is a 360-degree approach. This option is most beneficial to clients that are ready for big changes that are moving them to live their best lives. It is not just the ecosystem that is their environment, but blocks and barriers that may be holding them back from fully moving into that space and giving them the tools and clarity to move forward in a more fluid way with fewer restrictions. We focus on the health of the mind, body and spirit and identify opportunities and blocks in all areas of a client’s life. Then we create the environment to support that journey.”

Kimberly describes her practice as grounded and approachable. “I am known to say, ‘I want you to feel warm and cozy, nourished by your space and not even know the mechanics behind why.’ The feedback and testimonials support the fact that it works.”

San Francisco Showroom and Store

Kimberly loves having a showroom and small Home Store in San Francisco. “Our space is a corner unit in a large Victorian that was originally the neighborhood grocery,” she describes. “We have created a warm, welcoming space where clients and neighbors can stop by for a glass of wine or coffee. The landscape is constantly changing and so are the activities. We hold community events where we feature artists, authors, offer educational opportunities or just an occasional wine and cheese gathering.” It’s a place where clients love coming. “It is a fun place to just hang out and connect with our community. People are the core of our business. It would not be uncommon to come in and find a neighbor perched on a sofa chatting with us.”


Looking ahead to the future of interior design, Kimberly notes that the industry is starting to dip its toe into Neuroaesthetics, a field of science that aims to combine psychological research with aesthetics. Historically, this has mainly been discussed between researchers and academics, she says, adding, “My team has been incorporating these concepts into our design process for decades. It is my deep desire that the term or at least the concept that our health is dependent on the human experience within our homes will be normalized. We can have it all. We just can’t have it without the beauty that nourishes us and is needed in our environments.”

Ready to take on a home design project? “The best place to start is to schedule a meet and greet to see if you have a rapport with the designer and to dream into the project a bit together,” says Kimberly. “There is no commitment. We love to create a safe place and support clients through the process.”

Contact Kimberly:

Kimberly Reyes International Studio & KRI Home Store

4500 19th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

415- 658-7245