Make Your Home an Ecosystem that Supports Your Health & Well-Being Holistically

Make Your Home an Ecosystem that Supports Your Health & Well-Being Holistically

Why is it Important

to Create a Healthy Home?





We are less likely to be depressed. Our children are more well adjusted. Our relationships are better. Connection and intimacy are fostered. It is easier to share a space with someone that is working from home. The people that live in the home are mentally and physically happier, more productive and healthier. We FEEL safe, nourished and supported. We stop going home to survive. Now we are nurtured by an ecosystem where we are allowed to thrive. That is only the short list…

The last few years have only added to the already difficult task of moving through the world and learning to make space for self-care. Historically, we take care of everyone else, only leaving home in search of a sanctuary or retreat for self-care and healing. When we do this we are only treating the symptom and the relief is only temporary: instead of solving the problem. 

The issue has been Exacerbated and is now of paramount importance. Let’s take the steps to change that in 2023.

How can we care for ourselves while saving our families, our businesses, our communities… and facing all of the issues in the world? It’s easier than you think. It all starts in our homes and with ourselves. It is true. We do need to apply oxygen to ourselves first before we can save or care for others. 

You CAN create a sanctuary that nourishes and heals daily; silently supporting you and your family’s health. Research shows that our brains and bodies are always sensing and interpreting the world around us. We know that the design of spaces impacts our biology. 




Top 3 Excuses I hear from Clients that are putting off investing time and energy into their homes:


“We are waiting for the kids to grow up and leave home.”

    • Clearly this doesn’t hold any weight since creating a healthy home only supports children in being their best selves AND the home can support parenting and relationships too!
    • There are so many sustainable and performance materials that will hold up to heavy use and rambunctious children that this isn’t valid either. 


“We are going to wait until we are ready sell.”

    • It is imperative to have a unique ecosystem to nurture and heal the people currently living in the home.
    • You should enjoy and create a healthy relationship with your home.
    • What is right for you, will not be the perfect fit for the next occupants. They will change it…

    “We are spending all of our time taking care of everyone else. We are on boards, actively supporting multiple philanthropic endeavors and volunteering in the community and in our children’s schools. We just don’t have the time right now.”
      • If not now… When? Do you wait until the stress of pushing and driving to be there for everyone else makes you sick? You may already be feeling it.
      • You may be living in what I call the channel of chaos that is described in my Energetic Blueprint (c)
      • Having a space designed specifically for you, your life, your needs can heal you. It can support you in living the life of service. It allows you to have a place of respite where you are surrounded by elements specific to you and your family that nourish and continue to heal. 

    Now that we overcame a few of the most common obstacles put in front of us.

    We want to expand you beyond your comfort zone and perhaps delight you with unexpected details. The fun for you is in learning how. You deserve it! Make it a game. Make it fun. 


    What can you do TODAY to Start Creating a Home That Heals?

    1. Choose ONE room in your home.

    2. Stand back at a door or entry and take a full room photograph.

      •  Print out the photo. It does not have the same effect if you are looking at it on your phone.
      • How you see the room in the photo is how others see your space. There is clarity from a distance. It is impossible to evaluate your room without bias while living in it. Even artists stand back to take in the entire composition when painting a masterpiece. 

    3. Identify the spaces in the room that feel Crowded, Spacious, Void, Pleasant, Comfortable or any other Adjective that comes to mind when you look at the photo.

    4. Sit in your room in the quiet of the day, without distraction. No ambient sound or light and pay attention to your body. 

      • When you are quiet and still how does your body react in different parts of the room? 
      • If you pay close attention, your body will clearly tell you what you are unconsciously living in daily. 
      • You can now correlate the adjectives identified in the photo with the feelings and sensations that your body was conveying as well.

     5. Eliminate overwhelm and ADD back in what will nourish you and your well-being

      •  What Brings You Joy or Pleasure? What tactile, audio, visual or sensory stimulus creates an emotional reaction in your body? What makes you FEEL safe & supported?
      • Add those elements into your space.
      • Color, texture, light and nature create an environment that deepens the relationship that you have with your home.
      • Take it in small steps. Be spacious with yourself and do one area in one room at a time, until the whole room feels complete.

     6. Stand back at a door or entry and take a full room photograph.

    7. Assess the changes, repeat the process if necessary, refine… and fine-tune.





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