Infuse ENERGY into Your Decorating & Decor with Symbolism

Infuse ENERGY into Your Decorating & Decor with Symbolism

Siamese Fighting Fish 

More than meets the eye....


The History and Symbolism of the Siamese FIghting Fish are fascinating...


As the name “Siamese fighting fish” suggests, wild Betta splendens originate from Thailand (formerly known as Siam). Wild males were first caught and bred for fighting. The sport became so popular, and the gambling so rampant, that the king of then Siam, Rama III, taxed these fights. The king himself was passionate about the sport and presented a pair of his prized fish to a man named Dr. Theodore Cantor in 1840. Cantor initially gave these fish the scientific name of Betta pugnax, although they’d later be reclassified to Betta splendens.


In the late 1800s, interest for these fish began to spread across the world. Although the exact dates are debated, it’s generally believed that one of the first exports of Bettas was to France in the early 1890s. The French weren’t the only ones in love with these fish. For example, there are records of fish being imported to Russia from Germany in the 1890s, suggesting that Germany already had Bettas as well. The United States were a little slower catching onto the craze, with reports of long-finned varieties first being imported much later in the late 1920s.



Siamese Fighting Fish are often associated with strength, courage, and determination, making them perfect symbols for overcoming challenges in your life. In Art they often represent prosperity and are a symbol of good luck and fortune. Many cultures have specific symbolism related to this little feisty fish, from fertility in African Culture to transformation and new beginnings in Celtic culture.


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